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Indirectly heated rotary drum dryer technology process principles

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-24 10:33:08
Indirect heating type rotary drum dryer heat carrier does not directly contact and be dried materials, and all the heat needed to dry after the heat transfer wall pass was dry materials. Indirectly heated rotary drum dryer, depending on the heat carrier is divided into two kinds of conventional type and steam pipes.

Conventional indirectly heated rotary drum dryer, rotary drum puzzle in the furnace, the flue gas heating shell. In addition, the rotary drum to set a concentric roller. Flue gas into the annular space between the casing and the furnace wall, through the connecting tube into the central tube of the drying cylinder. Another of the flue gas to the first to enter the center tube, then turn back to the shell and the annular space of the furnace wall, the dry material in the annular space between the shell and the central tube through. In order to promptly remove the material vaporization of water, use fans to dry tube to introduce the right amount of air, but air than direct heating is much smaller. As the wind speed is small (typically 0.3 ~ 0.7m / s), exhaust gas entrained dust rarely, if no gas-solid separation equipment. In many cases, you can also do not have the exhaust fan and natural ventilation to remove the vaporized moisture.

The steam pipe indirectly heated rotary drum dryer drying cylinder concentric circles arranged in a 3 ring heating tube, one end is installed at the dryer exit of the header tank drain separation chamber, the other end of the thermal expansion of the structure to install ventilation head of the tube sheet. Steam, hot water heat carrier pipe joined by steam journal header box assigned to the heating tube, the condensate by the inclination of the dryer brings together the header box, the discharge pipe by the steam journal. Material by heating pipe lifting and stirring was dry in the dryer, and with the inclination of the dryer to the lower side of the move from the higher side of the row hopper located at the end of the discharge. Drying capacity of the unit volume is about three times the conventional directly heated rotary drum dryer, the heat transfer coefficient of about per square meter of heated area of 40 to 120W / (m2? ℃) the thermal efficiency of up to 80% ~ 90%, the material The filling ratio is 0.1 to 0.2.