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Composite heated rotary drum dryer principle

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-24 10:40:14
Composite heated rotary drum dryer
Part of the heat is passed through the heat transfer wall to be dried materials to another part of the heat from heat-carrier direct contact with the material and pass by the drying medium, heat conduction and a combination of convection heat transfer in two forms, the higher heat utilization . By the rotary drum and the central tube, the hot air into the inner cylinder, side discharge from the material outlet end is folded into the outer tube, the supply of raw materials. The material is moved along the shell wall and the central cylinder of the annular space. Heat needed to dry by the hot air through the inner cylinder heat transfer wall, the thermal conductivity of the way to pass materials; countercurrent contact with another part of the hot air and the material in the annular space of the shell wall and inside the central tube, to convective heat way to pass the material.