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The main structure of the composition and characteristics of the drum dryer

Author : dongding Date : 2012-7-27 10:03:41
The drum dryer is very extensive in the industry, such as coal, chemicals, building materials, production capacity, operation and easy maintenance structural features, drum dryers cylinder, bearing devices, gear and ends sealeddevice component.
(1) cylinder
The cylinder is a rotary drum dryer matrix material in its internal heat transfer, mass transfer, and transportation to move.

(2) supporting device
Cylinder bearing unit is by the rolling circle, wheel, gear wheel composed of three parts. The quality of the entire cylinder roller, pass through the rolling circle rolling circle in the occasional round rolling. Gear wheel from the block cylinder axial movement.
Rolling circle monolithic and modular, fixed in the cylinder is divided into a loose tube type and riveting solid type. The high operating temperature, the larger diameter of the dryer more than loose tube structure. Rolling circle are distributed in the cylinder on the saddle. The saddle Xiadian a few blocks to adjust the shims to adjust the rolling ring and cylinder concentricity.
If all the supporting roller and the cylinder axis parallel to the care the sliding contact surface between the wheel and rolling circle collapse rub force can stop the cylinder moves down. If the prop shaft and the cylinder axis parallel cylinder on may move up or down to the tube position is limited within the allowable range, must be applied to block round to prevent the cylinder in the axial direction traverse up and down.
There are three common types of gear wheel. Gear wheel with a flange on both sides of lug to block axial movement of the cylinder. This type is only used on the tilt angle is small and light device, the advantages of simple structure.
Spherical gear wheel, without precise installation, is the point contact, the force is smaller, it is only for lighter equipment.
Conical gear wheel, conical gear wheel and the rolling circle is the line of contact, able to withstand greater axial force, therefore, the use of more extensive.

(3) gear
Rotary drum dryer gear, including: motor, reducer, gear, ring gear and other parts.

(4) out of the feeding device, and sealing devices.